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Happy 2k19 from Admonks- Leading SEO service providers of Cochin.

Wishing everyone a very happy & great year ahead. Come let’s get to know the latest trends that you can implement in SEO activity.

In our previous posts, we’ve discussed the topics like-

  • What is SEO?
  • Importance of doing SEO and so on. 

We hope that you’ve gone through our previous blog posts if not please feel free to read it here.

Without a due let’s get to know the practices that you should implement to become top company offering SEO service Cochin.

As time passes we need to upgrade our tactics and also try new techniques for better results. Let’s see what are the changes that you need to make in SEO practices in 2k19?

Here are some of the suggestions from our side that can help you get better traffic in 2019-

  • 1st and the foremost thing that you need to do is to understand your audience & user intent. Your website & its content may be perfectly written & well optimized, but if it’s done for a wrong audience, it won’t help in the growth of your business.  
  • Always go beyond Google search- Many of us only concentrate on the Google search engine but will that help? No! It won’t help you. Instead, you need to start concentrating on other search engines also. That is the one of the main reason why we stand at the top among the other SEO service Cochin.
  • Structured data markup plays an important role as the time changes. So we need to upgrade our techniques as Google is moving from a mobile-first to an AI & that’s when the structured data markup can be your key to rank at the top. At, Admonks we thoroughly promote doing structured data markup.

These are the few tips and suggestions that can help you to get better traffic in the year 2019. The above points have been practiced by us for a long time & our clients are very much satisfied with the results that we provide them. We, at Admonks, always ensure that our SEO analysts stay updated with the latest trends in SEO.

Always remember one thing that SEO is not an overnight process. Therefore, pay attention to each and every change that is happening to the implementation of SEO techniques. We’ve shared our tips on how we became the best in SEO service Cochin. We hope that these tips prove helpful to you.


We’ll be sharing more tips as we explore on new SEO strategies we’ll be discussing the same in the coming days.

If your company needs help with SEO service we are here to help you with it. Visit us here.

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