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Social Media Marketing and your business

#stayhome and #staysafe creates a great impact on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic in which the world unites in staying physically apart, and the social media platforms experience the highest number of active users. During this time many companies follow their unique strategies and social media marketing agency in Kochi like AdMonks knows social media trends in order to fight against the current situation. We — ADMONKS Kochi are also following some social media marketing trends, and let’s discuss it.

Keep updated about the relevant hashtags on social media and stay updated. You must make a strategy in such a way that it should help you drive business goals. Create content that can that makes people discuss under your name or hashtags that will help you to bring new leads. So if you want to be successful on social media in 2020 be updated on the latest trends. Below we have listed social media updating in 2020 which can help your business grow.


Facebook is the leading platform among other social media interface. Facebook ads are an important trend in 2020 and are very effective for small business. Facebook also launched a new feature called quite a mode which allows users to silence the notification during a specific time. Facebook also announced its new interface. This interface focuses on events and groups rather than newsfeeds. As the focus has shifted to groups and brands the SMM marketing agencies should consider building a community through Facebook groups.


Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms. Instagram recently launched co-watching in

which allows friends on a video chat to browse through the post of one user. Also, a new video editing tool has been updated in which the user can trim their video to 15 seconds frames.



LinkedIn is a professional networking media. LinkedIn has recently updated a feature in which the users can showcase their portfolio at the top of their profile page. By doing this the user can include links to external websites, personal blogs, images, and documents, so that, the visitor can examine the profile. This will be perfect in highlighting your portfolio.



Twitter is a social networking platform which is a great way to interact with potential customers and market your product and services. Keep your followers updated with update company news. A video content, emails or newsletters are the main contents users want to see in their feeds.



This is a new and rapidly growing social media platform where the marketers and brands need to pay more attention. This is a mobile video app which is launched by Chinese developers. TikTok has recently reached over 1.5 billion downloads in play store. This is a great platform for short video contents in which you can increase your audience and customers. TikTok has recently introduced ads where these 1.5 billion people will watch your business ad.


Pinterest launches new e-commerce feature for the users. Variety of features of this new e-commerce business include verified merchant programming, dynamic retargeting through advertising. The Pinterest company says more users are engaging shopping on Pinterest and traffic to the retailers has doubled. A new shop tab appears on the search which will help users to find products they are searching for. Pinterest has also made a special feature like visual search which will help find products directly in shoppable Pins and makes it easier.

Social media platforms are the most effective way to interact with your customers, and also helps you make aware of your products. It’s important to use this updating and trends to keep your social media, and businesses update. If you have any queries regarding social media marketing please feel to reach out the best social media marketing agency in KochiADMONKS.


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