SEO strategy during COVID-19

SEO strategy during COVID-19

As the covid-19 pandemic continue to spread in our community all types of companies including multinational companies share a common goal that is stay in business.

Corona virus is changing our day-to-day life. Work from home, social distancing, use of face mask has now become a part of our life, which makes us stay at home and also increases the screen usage.

This increased screen usage has drastically changed the search behavior of the consumers and is more likely to be continued in the coming weeks and months with a rise in the search volume of ‘at home’ keyword. Also, there is an increase in the purchase of health and fitness items. So, we the SEO’s should alter our strategies according to the current situation. We the team at AdMonks has already changed our SEO strategies accordingly that will make us to stand in front of the best provider of SEO services in Kochi.

How Covid-19 has impacted SEO?

We have already seen that how this pandemic has changed the SEO trends. And also, we have seen the rise of online shopping portals which have increased rapidly. Which means that those retail shops or companies that cannot sell their products will now automatically depend on online portals? At present people are looking for essentials like face mask, sanitizer health and fitness materials other than jewelleries and cosmetics.

The same can be said of for grocery and food items. And those purchases are not going on big e-commerce portals as they have temporarily stopped their shipments, so naturally the customers will look for the local Google searches where they can get their essential items in no time.

So, they will go for local small business who can deliver at their doorsteps. And if they start to use Google for their online purchases then that will be an opportunity for other businesses to compete — where SEO becomes more important.

It’s not just e-commerce has seen increased traffic but others such as a wellness information websites, outdoor recreation, and home fitness resources, food and recipe blogs, news outlets has seen a rapid increase in search volume. If you don’t operate with any of these items, you can also make some progress by providing any essentials that may or may not be a product or service that they can immediately rely upon.

SEO strategies that can be implemented during Covid-19

Now we know that we should not stop our digital marketing. But you must need to know something during this period in order to serve the best SEO service. You must make your website well optimized. If you have stopped posting your blogs, you must restart it immediately.

You must also take time to optimize your meta description and also the target keywords. And if your website is not mobile-friendly change that immediately. Many costumers are searching their products on smart phones and tablets so don’t miss out the chance of letting go off any single customer. Now make sure to add a popup or a prominent banner in order to make your customer aware that what all steps you are taking in order to protect your employees.

Optimize your website in such a way that you deliver your products without contact which will make your customer feel safe. You can also explore new ways to deliver valuable content to your customer like video content sharing, blog posting.

Make sure that you are active in all social media platforms. Time has changed that we must act according to our situations, so optimize yourself in every aspect accordingly. Creating content according to the current trend can help overcome the crisis in a small rate. AdMonks team can help you to make a signature by offering the best SEO services in Kochi.

This will be a tough time for business owners, but by making a good digital marketing strategy accordingly we can overcome a little.


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