Role of Chatbots in Digital Marketing

Role of Chatbots in Digital Marketing

Hey there.! All of you would hear bots are the future. However, how can a bot help in digital marketing? Yes, here we are talking about chatbots. The vast roles and benefits of using chatbots across various platforms like websites, apps, social media and more.

In the blog “Digital Marketing trends for 2020; we published last year mentioned the vast importance of chatbots in digital marketing. While after completing a month in this new year all those predictions came into its optimal level. And now, let us watch out the updated Chatbot trends.

What actually Chatbot is.? 

Chatbots are simple, and nothing more than a computer program that was designed to do some certain tasks, most commonly used to communicate with users through the internet. Bots through this communication with the users help them in various ways. Such as to choose a product, getting a descriptive knowledge about it, or even book an appointment through these chatbots.

Simply, Chatbot is an interaction between a human and a machine in which conventions are mostly done by texting or through voice clips. A chatbot can be used as a growth hacking element to your business, working independently to upgrade your business into a whole different level. Chatbots helps by keeping business relations with your customers such as answering the exact answer to the queries and a lot more benefits like : –

  • Increasing the conversation Rates
  • Lead generations
  • Builds a Contact List.
  • Time-Saving
  • Cost-effective
  • Best Customer service.
  • Personalised assistance and well informative.

How Chatbots Impact the business.? 

In this advanced world, people wait for none. As in the case of a message received from the customer, and a conversation is started – feed it with accurate replies. The main point to remember is that never make them wait for the reply.

Continue the convo with sweet responses and nice words – making sure that you are holding a customer and making a lead. 

Through chatbots, humanized errors can be minimized to a great extent, also making the brand more attractive before them. Above all, chatbots are able to collect the details of the customers like their names and contact details. It can be productized and later converted into leads. This makes a normal person into a customer and customer to an Ideal Customer who recommends other users your product.

Through a well-managed chatbot service such as provided in Admonks, productivity increases and the business grew up. Chatbots help your customers to find the product they require, giving them detailed specifications, the opening time of the business, Shop locations, booking etc – that’s too without any human voice.

Well, where chatbots can be applicable.? Almost everywhere online where people gather on the internet. It can be through Facebook, Messengers like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp messenger, telegram, WeChat etc. These play a wide role in online business in building credibility and brand value.

How Do Chatbots Work?

  • Artificial Intelligence-Driven Chatbots [A.I Chatbots]
  • Natural Language Processing [ N.L.P Chatbots]
  • Automated Rules by the Provider [predicted settings]
  • Through Machine Learning [M.L]

What are the different types of ChatBots.?

According to Oracle, Chatbots can be classified into two:-

  • Task-oriented (declarative) chatbots
  • Data-driven and predictive (conversational) chatbots

1. Task-oriented chatbots

Task-oriented chatbots are single function chatbots that are focused on performing single functions. These chatbots utilize a little AI and Natural Language Processing; mainly working with automated rules by the provider. They generated automated messages but in a specific and structured way.

However, task-oriented chatbots responses to user inquiries in a conversational manner, that can handle simple common questions like enquiries about the open status, houres of business and more.

2. Data-driven and predictive

Data-driven and predictive chatbots are often considered as a virtual assistance or digital partner. Similarly, they are most likely to use the advantages of  Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and through predictive settings.

Data-driven chatbots help digital marketing in wide aspects. They had seen to very sophisticated, interactive, and personalized than task-oriented chatbots. Data-driven chatbots are capable of applying predictive intelligence and analytics. Therefore, make feel the users enabling personalization experience, using the user profile and the past behaviours of particular users.

Google Assistance, Amazone Alexa and Apple Alexa are the most loved and best examples of these data driven and predictive chatbots.

Advanced digital assistance are capable of connectng several single purpose chatbots such as marketing chatbots, integrated chatbots or customer service chatbots –  under a point.  By sorting and combining all the information making the human work more easy and sorted according to a calander or task.

Applying chatbots to your business.

It’s proven, the use of chatbots in a business can count, sort, personalize, and be proactive all at the same time – its a great aspect. To make these happen,  get reach to AdMonks – the most advanced digital marketing agency in Kerala that builds you the most appropriate chatbots needed to your business. 


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