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New Savvy Updates & Trends on Digital Marketing – 2020  

Hello All, in the last blog of 2019, we have had detailed about the Digital Marketing trends for 2020. After completing the first three weeks of  2020, we found those points mentioned on the blog are already active and reached the next level. 

Let’s check out the updates in the current world of digital marketing from different aspects – S.E.O, social media marketing and branding.

Ad Monks – One of the best digital marketing agencies in Kerala who were crucially looking after the online trends in marketing and business found out these emerging trends and follow-ups a brand should follow currently in the apt situation.

Our last blog about digital marketing, we point out artificial intelligence, fata-driven marketing, and voice-based search engine optimization as the most ambitious concepts for 2020 and now, almost all brands are on optimizing for its path.

By now, the first three weeks show up the pace renewal of online strategies and combining all the online business in under a single category – integrated digital marketing.

In all this integrated digital marketing, each and everything which works under the online is coordinated and are done accordingly to bring leads all the broadway possible on the internet. Can be through  influencer marketing, virtual and augmented reality, content marketing, etc. Let’s go through the most highlighting features.

1. Social Commerce & Shoppable Posts

Role of social media is – it’s a cost-effective tool, which is used to combine the most modern technology and social interaction of peoples with the use of contents like Words, images, Videos or graphically animated pictures. To this ubiquitous nature, social media obviously  becomes an integrated part of online marketing

2020 shows a tremendous increase in the shoppable posts provided by facebook and its substitutes. Data we receive shows 72% of the instagram users have purchased a product on the app shows as shoppable.

Another impressive fact we received from a survey of 4000 Pinterest users found out , among 70% of them were using Pinterest to find new and trendy products.

Social media platforms have made it easier for utilizing the most power out of it just to reach the customers. Most prominently Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest are the most useful platforms for merchants in creating shoppable posts, making it easy for users to shop directly from the post.

And the main fact to keep in mind is that in 2020, the  User-Generated Content (UGC) will have high value among the audience. The motion Camera specialist “Go-Pro” published the videos from their users to the social platform and effectively marketed it with user authority.

Another best example can be taken from the lifestyle brand “BOAT”.Instagram screenshot of boat

Here, the official BOAT Instagram shares the  User-Generated Content (UGC) with shoppable posts with discounts on special days. This promotes the direct sale of products through Instagram or from its product websites.

2.Virtual And Augmented Reality

Last year, we witnessed the massive rise of Augmented reality [ AR] and Virtual Reality [VR ] and became massively popular among the people and quite naturally became the top trends in marketing.

Current 2020 trends show chances that the newly emerged advanced technology in AR technology can surpass VR in popularity.

Many brands have already started utilizing augmented reality just to witness how it suits you just before a purchase. Some Paint companies in India are already using this technology just to identify what the walls look like before choosing a colour.

3. Content Marketing.

Since time of online marketing, we all hear  “ Content is the King” and it’s been the axiom of digital marketing that we are going to continue in 2020. where as in 2020 brings a change in the pattern of contents that we early used to be. In this era of visual storytelling, contents should be written in the same way of visualising things through contents.  High-quality contents help you to expertise and communicate with your customers from a high authority place. 

Also, high-quality content is always important for all such as it even helps in ranking of your website in google search result page.

4. Personalization

Personalized content for every customer is the main thing to do follow in 2020 – Meaning personalized marketing. These contents can be very different ways; ie it can be from a chatbot, Email, contents products and more.

  • Personalized experience brings more leads; 80% of people said they love personalized experiences to do business.
  • It’s important to keep in mind, 63% of people are annoyed by normal means of marketing blasts.
  • 90% claim they found personalization appealing.   

5. Visual Search

2020 seems to be an expand of visual Search into a whole new level and search results are expanding into the peoples in a wide broad-way. The use of such visual platforms is increasing day by day – and it is the new trend.

Let’s check the trendy visual search providers dominating till date

  • Google Lens
  • CamFind
  • Bing Visual Search
  • Pinterest Lens
Google Lens

Most of the android users are known about the Google lens facility in their smartphones. Google lens is actually a visual search engine by Google – capable of recognizing a wide variety of substances, things places such as landmarks and objects through its camera lens web page screenshot

One can do various features including live time translation from one language to another, visually.

Google Lens lively provide the following features:-

  • Apparel and home goods – Reach you with related products.
  • Barcodes -Read barcodes and suggest related products.
  • Business card: Recognise the phone number or address, ask permission to save.
  • Book.
  • Event flyer or billboard.
  • Landmark or building.
  • Painting in a museum.
  • Plant or animal.

CamFind is yet another innovative live search with an AI camera to identify an object. CamFind can be maximally utilized by the marketers this year, in order for customers to find their product.camfind web

Bing Visual Search

Bing visual search looks like a google image search. But bing provides an augmented reality in them providing amazing search visuals and search results to the users, and one can image search the related contents from the same image that the person liked.

And aditional benifits came from Bing search is to find out various products related to one, suting your intrests.

bing image search

Pinterest Lens

Pinterest Lens is a look-alike Google lens platform but is highly optimised for the brand products in the market. According to the latest study exhibited among the 4000 people who were using Pinterest, 70% of them were using Pinterest to find out the new exact products. pintrest lens webpage screen shot

6. Micro-Moments

Micro-Moments technologies are winning in the latest trends that reached out to people in 2020.  Micro-moments contain four game-changing time sorts that really matter while a person took his smartphone in his hand –

    • I want to know -moments
    • I Want to go moments
    • I want to do moments
    • I want to buy moments 

I want to know -moments – It can be describe as the time when someone is exploring in the search for research purpose but doesn’t have any intention to purchase anything.

I want to go moments – can be said to be as the moment when someone considers buying something in the local business and is searching for the product at a nearby store.

I want to Do moment – Exact time when someone wants to do a task or do something like helping others in completing a task. This can be the time to do something new.

I want to buy moments – When someone wants to buy a product or the person is ready for a purchase, this the main & critical time for every marketer to identify.

At this particular time, they may need help to decide what they need and how to buy.

2020 will be at the crucial stage to find out the exact  “I want to buy moments” of our customers.

7. Social Media Stories

Concept of social media stories rose from the idea of Snapchat, and they implemented first. Later these came into Facebook-owned Instagram, Facebook itself and in Whatsapp too. World’s second-largest search engine Youtube provides its own story, known as the Reel.

One day standing of these stories can bring big business oppertunities by providing customised offers and more – for just a day. 

Stories – it can bepromoted in  a  personalised way to different audience by categorised contents and thus suerly get additional benefits from personalization as we told above. One can get more details from a reputed Digital marketing agency in Kerala, or from a dedicated social media marketing in Kerala.

Don’t be just curious about these most advanced Digital Marketing Updates. Act fast and implement it to your business and there by drive more business and brand authority.  Contacts Admonks – The most reputed and leading Digital marketing agency in Kerala to skyrocket your business to an extreme new level.


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