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Latest & updated SEO trends to follow in 2019 – AdMonks Advertising

Hello folks, today in this read we aim to help you in improving your SEO service. We, AdMonks Advertising are the leaders in providing the best SEO service Cochin. We’ll help you with some of the latest trends in SEO that you need to follow to get better SEO results.

Hope, this read proves in helping you to get better results for your SEO projects or works that you’re dealing with.

And, if you’re new to the whole SEO you can start with our previous read on SEO-

Latest & updated SEO Trends For 2019

  • The domination of Voice search is vital- According to some of the recent studies & research, it’s estimated by next year i.e by 2020 nearly 50% of the online queries are gonna be generated by voice.
    • The reason why this is possible is that for most of us the voice feels handier & easily accessible when compared to the traditional way of searching. 
        • Supporting the above statement -The usage of smartphones are increasing day after day & so it ultimately results in creating a search using voice.

voice search

Here are some tips to improve voice search optimization-

    • Ensure that the website loads up fast (speed plays a vital role so always ensure that your website is having a good PageSpeed)
    • Write everything the way we speak- Content should be optimized for voice search by including long-tail keywords (keywords that sound normal & is used by users). When optimizing content always think keywords from your perspective i.e create keywords that you use when using voice search.   

                        Let’s take an example to understand this.

      • E.g- if you’re searching for SEO service Cochin you may search like this in Google- Best SEO service Cochin. But in Voice it’s simply different there is a chance that you’ll search like this- “ which is the best company offering SEO service Cochin “
    • Create featured snippets & blocks when creating contents- Featured snippet is a practice that we use when doing SEO for a project. You can read more about the creation of featured snippets here When it comes to usage of blocks we mean the usage of H1, H2 tags to separate the contents. You can read more about the creation of featured snippets here when it comes to usage of blocks we mean the usage of H1, H2 tags to separate the contents.
    • Concentrate more on local searches- Nearly 22% of the queries are location-based so consider using phrases like “near me” in the keywords.  For example- “SEO service near me”


  • Mobile-First Indexing- Most of the people use their smartphones for visiting websites over laptops or desktops. So the web design in your mobile is more important than that of desktops or laptops.

mobile first indexing

  • Development of quality content- We all know that in SEO the “content is the king” & if you have a website with good user-friendly & rich content your website automatically tends to generate more traffic & ranks at the top in the web searches. A website with good content is automatically liked by users & the rest automatically falls at its right place.

content is the king

  • Artificial intelligence- The growth of AI have been tremendous & earth-shattering the implementation of AI have already been started in search engines like- Google, Bing, etc & the main benefit of AI implementation in a search engine are-
    • According to the users(34% of people) says with AI they will receive rich & personalized search experience.
    • Eliminates all kinds of Black Hat SEO tricks & techniques

artificial intelligence-

So, always go, for regular authentic & SEO methods & practices.


  • Influencer marketing- Say for example- you own a business that has a potentially great competition both globally & locally but with influencer marketing, you can influence the people by the means of social media & thereby improve your brand value & gain trust among the customers. Influencer marketing is the hybrid way of marketing combing both traditional & modern.

The above listed are some of the new trends in SEO that can help you to get better SEO results in 2019. We will be posting more on the same as we discover more about the new trends in SEO.

influencer marketing

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Latest & updated SEO trends to follow in 2019 - AdMonks Advertising
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