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Everything you need to know about the latest trends in Social media marketing

Nowadays most people spend a major part of their day on social media. Social media has now become an important technique in the field of digital marketing. There are over 4 billion social media users all over the world which signifies a 9% increase in the usage as compared to last year. This report on the usage of social media has made much business achieve its goal faster. There are many digital marketing agencies that provide social media campaigns but Admonks is the only company that offers the best and latest trends in social media marketing in Kochi.

      At present social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and, LinkedIn are not anymore any social networks, they are used as marketing tools in order to gain more profit from their products and also to increase traffic to the website. Many of the business is not utilizing the opportunities available in social media platforms which can result in reduced income because all other companies using social media campaigns will have more probability to attain its goal than others in this present digital world. For the present generation, social media is at the first place in researching brands and their products. Admonks is one such company which will help you to swim along with the tides. 

These are the 5 social media trends that you should implement in 2020.

1. Video content will dominate social feeds

     video content domination is already happening on social media. Here is a small survey showing the domination of video content.

  • About 90% of mobile users watching videos on social media are sharing with others.
  • Social media videos have generated 1200% more shares than text and image content.
  • 70% of the customers have learned about a product by watching the video.
  • Customers spend 80% more time on websites that show videos about their services and products.
  • Hubspot reports that *%5 of businesses use video content as their marketing tool.             

So 2020 is a year where video marketing plays a vital role in making your brand popular.

2. Stories will take the center stage

    Social media stories are a kind of news feed. This was made popularized by the Snapchat but was one of the fastest-growing trends of the last ten years. Following the trend Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram also made it happen.  Social media stories are expected to have a reach of 15 times faster than feeds. Reality is that more and more people are getting interested in a brand or a product after seeing their story. Social media stories also have an advantage in collecting insights by asking questions to the audience where they will be able to know what and when to update their products.

3. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the futuristic marketing technology on the rise. By 2020 the AR will have great potential. Snapchat and pokemon go are the known AR in use. AR allows the customer to have a truly interactive shopping experience too. There are different ways that brands and marketers can use AR to promote their products and services.

  • AR virtual stores for products and services on social media.
  • Allowing your customers and audience to participate in the events wherever they are.
  • AR videos will your customers know about your product usage.

Augmented reality has opened doors with vast opportunity marketers.

4. Merging of social media and E-commerce.

2020 will be a year where the eCommerce and social media both will go together. The present generation spends more time on social media so influence marketers have got their chance to increase their sales through social media. The majority of the influence marketers are using Instagram and Snapchat where these are the platforms that have more customers. They can have their products purchased from the social media platform itself without leaving it thus making it more easier for the customer to checkout.


5. Customer and chatbots.

There was a time when the customers hate to chat with bots rather than chatting with humans. But now chatbots have taken their place with the help of new technology in which bots can talk like real humans. 90% of the customer complaint has been resolved by using the chatbots. 60% of people prefer to text rather than calling to the company which makes the chatbots high in demand. Many companies have taken chatbot services for their social media platform and websites as well. By using chatbots they are able to manage their customers and helps to save time which in turn helps to increase the revenue.

So here we have the 5 most important trends which will be followed in 2020. In the future, marketers will have to concentrate on video content, social media stories, augmented reality, social media and eCommerce, and chatbots. So all the marketers need to step up a little bit, which will help them to stand apart from others. Admonks is the leading social media marketing in Kochi has already started focusing on these trends because we want to make our customers stand at the top position. Keep in touch with the AdMonks Kochi blog to know more about the latest trends.    


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