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Digital marketing trends that cannot be ignored in 2020

In today’s world digital marketing has become an integral part of one’s business. Every business with a digital marketing campaign earns more income compared to traditional marketing techniques, so by understanding this potential most of the business owners implement digital marketing for their business. AdMonks is one such digital marketing agency in Kochi which offers the best services for you.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a technique that focuses on the marketing area for promoting your product and services with the help of the internet. Digital marketing is done through the internet with the help of an electronic device.

Some of the main digital marketing techniques include-

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Email marketing
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Affiliate marketing

Why digital marketing?

In this digital era, the internet plays a major role in business for increasing revenue. By implementing a digital marketing campaign the result will be higher compared to the traditional method of marketing.

In traditional marketing there exist phone calls, advertisement boards, and physical marketing, as said earlier digital marketing is a technique that is done through any electronic device which has internet, where the task seems to be easier is it? So digital marketing is a less effort job compared to traditional marketing.

Digital marketing is a competitive field where there are a lot of companies that have marked their presence. So in order to lead the race, you must be updated about the latest trends in digital marketing.

AdMonks is a digital marketing agency in Kochi which has a proven track record that stays updated with the latest trends which help us & our clients to achieve the goals.

Now let us check out some of the latest trends of digital marketing in 2020:

Digital marketing trends are constantly changing with the evolution of new technologies. Technology has risen in such a way that there are a lot of techniques for digital marketers to use. Let us check the trends that are currently changing the face of digital marketing

3 Digital marketing trends that you can not ignore in 2020

1.The rise of voice search

Now 20% of the mobile queries are done through voice searches. the method of typing queries is declining. Speed of the voice queries helps it gain more publicity. It is estimated that more than half of the searches will be voice queries by the end of 2020.

Voice search has first started with Siri. Today there are plenty of tools for voice searches like Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, etc. By 2023 the use of voice searches will be thrice that of today. Voice searches help consumers to save their time than the traditional way of typing.

However, the use of Google Assistants and voice speakers are increasing in the past years. So it is the right time to optimize the digital marketing strategies to voice searches. While optimizing we must have to know what our customers will be going to ask. Let us look at what all things we should notice while doing voice search optimization:

  • We should try to use natural languages and questions instead of our usual keywords. Try to add the question words such as how, when, who, where, what, and why.
  • Try to create content that can match the customer’s query.
  •  Use long-tail keywords as the customers use long sentences so that by using long-tail keywords the search can be matched.

2.Text content to video content

Video content has now become a priority in digital marketing in such a way that youtube has become the second biggest search engine. The presence of video content on your website makes the customers stay longer than giving a big pile of text content. Customers can be more motivated by using video content than text content.

Good quality and a short video can convert a visitor to a customer. Digital marketers should keep in mind that the longer the users spend time on a webpage, the more Google trusts that specific webpage, which results in higher SERP ranking.

Nowadays the presence of vloggers and video marketing in social media is increasing at a high rate. so we must start using video content in order to increase the conversion rate.

3.SEO and PPC

SEO is the technique of ranking organically and PPC is the technique of paid ranking. PPC and SEO can be interconnected in a way that the webpage that is ranked by doing PPC gain traffic which in turn increases the visitors to the webpage.

The increase in visitors will help to rank the website higher organically. In present-day digital marketers use PPC to rank high in organic search results. In this way, PPC and SEO are related.

So 2020 is going to be a tough year in front of the digital marketers, but by optimizing and moving with the tides we can make things easy.

We the digital marketing team in Admonks Kochi are up-to-dated, that quality of ours makes us the best digital marketing agency in Kochi. AdMonks has a good client base with many happy customers. Join hands with Admonks and we assure you that we will make you at the top position in your business field.  Keep in touch with us at AdMonks.


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