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3 SEO trends to follow in 2020

SEO trends are changing every year — sometimes dramatically or sometimes little. And in order to maintain the top rankings, you must stay up to date in the latest SEO trends with ADMONKS the best provider of SEO service in Kerala. So here are 7 expert SEO trends and tips to stay ahead in the rankings. Keep reading to know how our expert team is taking your SEO strategy to the next level.

  1. Optimize your content for position ZERO (PO)

When you search online everyone needs quick and easy answers that support the great user experience. And PO allows you to answer the query directly in the search results. And as the search technology is evolving PO optimization will be a necessary thing in 2020. PO also is known as featured snippets displayed above organic results in SERPs. In 2020 PO optimization is more important because these optimization techniques help you to connect with voice searches. In order to reach voice search, you need to rank in the PO, so if you have not optimized your website for voice search you will be missing out on a valuable lead.

Now let us look at how to rank in the featured snippet or PO.

These are the formats to be followed to rank in the featured snippet:

  • Short paragraphs that directly answer questions
  • Numbered and bulleted lists
  • Tables
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Charts


  1. Add video marketing to your SEO strategy

SEO trends in 2020 have made a video as a part of your marketing strategy. Websites with video content are 53 times more likely to be ranked on the result page than other websites. So if you want to rank higher start optimizing your websites with video content. There are more advantages to video content. Videos will encourage visitors to spend more time on the website and this will help you rank higher because of the relevant and valuable content on your website. Optimize your videos in such a way that it must be similar to the contents in your pages. Google uses your video titles, description, and tags to find out what your video is about. If it is a relevant description and title that matches your video content chances are there to be ranked higher.


  1. Optimize Google My Business listings.

Local SEO will continue its importance in 2020. If your aim is to be well known globally, but more than that you and your business must be famous in your locality, because 46% of Google searches are local. The best way to prepare for the leap in local SEO is to claim your Google My Business listing. When you have claimed your listing you will have to enter your business name, address, phone number, etc. This information will be helpful to Google to determine your distance, prominence, and your business relevancy. Recent researchers also found out that photos uploaded in the listings have high chances of getting more phone calls, visits, and direction requests. If you are a part of the 46% retailers who haven’t claimed their listings then you are missing something big. If you would like to optimize GMB and other SEO services in Kerala feel free to contact ADMONKS.


At ADMONKS Kochi, we understand how important it is to stay relevant and get noticed in the online business. So, we have the most experienced and committed team in order to help our clients to grow their business and rankings and earn the position they deserve. With so much new software and so many new ideas coming out of the SEO marketplace, it can be challenging staying up to date and continuing to run your business successfully. That’s why we’ve put together some practical tips that will help you save your time when you’re trying to keep up with this ever-evolving industry. Come join hands with ADMONKS Kochi the best provider of SEO services in Kerala.


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