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Ideas To Spark Your Social Media Marketing in 2020- AdMonks

Hello everyone, as we all know Admonks, one of the best social media marketing Kochi  is back to you with a brand new blog regarding the ideas to spark your social media marketing for 2020.

2020 will be the year we see consumers start to use public social media LESS, even as social media usage may continue to rise.

The Next generation of soon-to-be-adults, visual social media and apps that providing visual content reigns supreme authority over the others.

Admonks, being a leading Social media Marketing in Kochi is checking out the facts that can influence the Social media market in Kerala.

Let us go through the points- 

    • Authentic influencer marketing
    • Next-level visual contents
    • Expansion of Live streaming
    • Social media will return to its Rroots
    • Generation Z Is here
    • Brands will need to define social media maturity
    • Brands need a human voice
    • The use of messaging apps Continue to rise

In 2020, people are going all-in-one to use social media as from entertainment to communication, business to customers and business to business platforms.

Let’s go through the facts in brief,

  • Authentic influencer marketing

Influencer marketing provides a trustworthy way of marketing. And also it implements lots of exposure to a particular brand.

Since Influencer marketers are using social media platforms the same while these social media platforms consider these type of marketing brings losses to them due to brands refused to use their paid ad systems. 

Instagram is rolling out the update for removal of like, and they said the logic behind it is that “likes determine a person’s social value and waiting for such validation is detrimental to people’s mental health” 

There are a lot of tech personalities who outright reject the reason and believe that Instagram wants to perform this move to earn more.

  • Next-level visual contents- 
    • Video platforms will continue to be trendy in 2020

With the new circumstances in the Indian market providing cheap and quality internet services, also with the widely growing smartphone market made visual or video platforms to grow high.

2020 will be an essential part to market through video content providers through mobile applications such as Youtube, Tik-Tok, Netflix, Hotstar etc.

Marketing through these platforms can be new trends.

    • Rise of augmented reality (AR)

With quality internet services and advanced technology provided by Smartphone providers lead to the use of Augmented Reality in people.

A lot of people are utilising this benefit in watching and playing games on their smartphones Augmented Reality gadgets.

  • Expansion of live streaming 

With the availability of high-speed data transfer in India, social media users are more prominently interested in Live Content than pre-recorded videos. 

According to recent research, about 56% of social media users are most likely to watch a live video rather than a video. So, live streaming should be utilised for brand promotion and engagement

While the industry is constantly changing, the core value and responsibility of broadcasting remains the same—to educate and inform viewers. 

  • Social media will return to its Roots

 The Past three years were social media reduced the organic reachings for Business activities inside social media; intentionally done by these social media giants just to increase their profit through paid promotions and ads. This leads to serious reputation issues on users and so Social Media will return to its roots of organic reaches on quality and rich contents.

  • Generation Z Is Here

2020 will be an era of this Generation Z in Kerala.

Soon-to-be-adults of Generation X are also here.  

Both these people with a quality education are going to dominate in the following years.

The social media usage will attain some sort of Social maturity and so brands Should need Humanly and matured approaches. 

  • Brands Will Need to Define Social Media Maturity

Defining Social Media maturity is nothing but using Social Media for Customer Service and Customer Support – Humanly.

A lot of brands have already recognised social media networks as platforms for delivering customer service.

  • Brands Need a Human Voice

Your brands definitely need a human approach for your customer’s queries, comments, feedback etc.

Also due to too many messages and decisions to make each day for your brand, it’s easy to lose track of your voice and what makes your audience love you in.

Going back to basics and being human in your posts not only can make your audience happy but also can make your decisions on publishing that much easier.

  • The Use of Messaging Apps Continues to rise

The use of messaging apps will continue to rise in 2020 too.

This can be WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram Messenger and more.

The apps come with a bunch of new opportunities such as facebook owned WhatsApp will deliver ads in them in 2020.

Implementing ads on WhatsApp can be assumed in 2020 because of the billions of active monthly users, making WhatsApp a burden to Facebook. 

And, here is AdMonks assisting you with the latest trends in social media marketing, Kochi.

AdMonks with Google and Facebook certified professionals convey the best social media marketing strategies that suit your business.

Epic Formulas To win With Digital Marketing - Admonks

Epic Formulas To win With Digital Marketing

Hi everyone, Admonks- one of the leading digital marketing agency in Kerala is back with yet another blog regarding the stimulating chances in the world of digital marketing.

First of all, everyone is quite concerned about this digital environment that we are going through. 

Somebody who owns a venture, it is the best time to upgrade their business through digital marketing and advancing it into the next level.

Let’s go little behind the history of digital marketing that started in the early 1990s and standing at its optimal age of evolution.

According to the report by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), India with 451 Million monthly active internet users until this last financial year, is standing second just after China.

India, the second-highest number of Internet users after China, Here it is the best time to begin or improve your marketing into the digital system and make utilise the initial benefits through a highly professional Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala before-mentioned Admonks.

Getting into the field of digital marketing is not a simple task. Certain market studies attached to the digital marketing strategies should be done by a professional digital marketing agency like Admonks.

Similarly, from the base, if you are owning a Small business or an enormous, it’s important to be present in the online world.

That online presence can be in the form of Social media, Website, blog or via influencer marketing that make our customers engaged with us and hence composing them as an ideal customer.

Let us  Check out the hilites and salient features of Digital marketing those are highly practicable in the Situation of Kerala.

  • A most powerful form of marketing 
  • Extremely penetrative capability
  • Your Customers Are Online
  • Your Competitors Are Online
  • The cost-effective way to market your business.
  • The most measurable form of marketing. 
  • Target the Exact Consumers
  • Accessible to Your Customers
  • Let Customers Come to You 


Furthermore, let us go through these most noteworthy salient features.

1. A most powerful form of marketing 

Online marketing is so powerful and high dominant to transform to get a highly remarkable increase in the business of many companies in Admonks and thereby we recommend all Small Scale and Huge business to come to the path of Digital marketing.


2. Extremely penetrative capability

With the right strategies and effective implementation into the right customers, small businesses can increase their reach, conversions and engagements almost in quite a focus of months.

Digital marketing is so powerful and extremely penetrative. Why.? 

Because our customers are personally sitting behind these smart online equipment and we are marketing our target customers each and everyone spending their private time in Social media. This makes the strategy work more with individual people. 

3. Your Customers Are Online

All your right customers and potential customers are currently spending and engaging in many online platforms including  Social media. The business stands are that they are consequently looking for a business like yours in the online world and therefore if they can’t find you easily, they are probably going to choose someone else, that can be your competitor may be.

4. Your Competitors Are Online 

  • Your competitors are already active on all online platforms and are conquering more and more customers. 
  • They are utilising social media by adding well-optimised content and through they are converting their audience into customers and customers into ideal ones. 
  • As a result, the base of business become stronger, branding has become so easy, increase in mouth publicity and radically change into a huge Brand that the people can’t resist.
  • Admonks, the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala is providing all theses strategies for small scale business to multinational corporations for the past 19 years, without any discrimination.


5. The cost-effective way to market your business.

Digital marketing is such a cost-efficient than other methods of marketing. We can market, brand or sell our product through digital marketing.

Rather than other formats of marketing, through digital marketing, we can target our exact customers for marketing our products such as people who are going to purchase it or likely to buy it, market it just in front of them compelling them to buy it.

6. The most measurable form of marketing.

The traditional form of marketing has a  big drawback – those are not measurable. It is much more difficult to track the exact success of a traditional marketing campaign such as 

  • Television Advertisement
  • Radio Advertisement
  • Newspaper Advertisement
  • Wall posts etc.

While in Digital marketing, similarly for the reason that all the tactics and strategies used in Digital marketing are clearly measurable. Through this measurement as analytical results, we can learn more about the right customers and what they love the most.

7. Target the Exact Consumers

In Digital marketing we can ensure that our right consumers are following your contents that we have placed at the online world. 

Search Engine Optimisation allows you to reach those consumers who are searching the web for content and topics that are relevant to your business.

While in google pay-per-click, display and social media advertising enable you to target those people who are likely to be interested in your products or services based on demographic information and general characteristics identified by these internet giants like Google and Facebook.

8. Accessible to Your Customers

In this current situation, the first place an average consumer search for what they want is online. 

Whatever the product may be, they might take the phone and most probably google it. And being absent in the google search results, your business isn’t complete.

When someone searches online for the exact product that you deliver better than your competitors, but you haven’t seen at the search queries but your competitor had, you lost single business and your competitor had won an ideal customer that they need.

9. Let Customers Come to You

If you have an excellent web presence, your business is open for business even when the physical type is closed. Moreover, these things work as an office or shop 24/7, all year.

With this web presence, we are making them convenience, customers and prospects can send you emails with questions, make purchases and browse through your inventory.

Likewise, we talked just above – your business should be optimised to rank on the first;  on both search engines and social media.

Well, we think you got an idea about the importance of upgrading your business in web presence, later optimising them, and query about who is the best to make strategies for your growth?

Here is the Beast for you –  Admonks. The leading branding, online consultation and digital marketing agency in Kerala is hither for you implementing the most modern and advanced online marketing tactics that make your business upgrade into the next level.