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Let’s discuss about common misconceptions on SEO procedure- Admonks

We’ve been getting immense support for our reads & many of our readers are requesting to do more blog on our SEO services Cochi, branding services, etc.

A blog on branding has recently been published., We hope that you’ve read that blog if not you can read it here.

And, so in this read, we’ll discuss SEO. A few months back we’ve posted a read on SEO & the services that we deliver as a company with the best SEO service Cochin. You can read more about it here.

Wondering? what’re we gonna say about SEO in this read. Well, don’t worry in this read we’ll share some common misconceptions that people have about the SEO procedure.

Let’s get started with our topic-

seo service cochin misconceptions & facts

The common misconception on SEO procedure in 2019-


  • The whole SEO process is a one time process-  SEO is not a one day or one time process the whole SEO process is a slow & time-consuming process.

To understand this let’s take 2 scenarios (in both of these scenarios you need to imagine yourself as a person involved with SEO activities) –

  1. In the 1st case, imagine you’ve done SEO for a month & you’ve got tremendous results & you stopped the SEO for that website.
  2. The 2nd case is that you did SEO for over a month or for a couple of months and you don’t see any changes & so you stopped doing SEO thinking it’s of no use.

Summing up both scenarios –

  1. The 1st case you got the results great but please don’t stop doing SEO because you need to back up your SEO activities on a regular basis to maintain your ranking. So break the concept that SEO is a one time process. No, it’s Not!.
  2. In the 2nd case, we understand that you’ve put in your 100 % but see no results. It’s okay that you didn’t see any changes. But please don’t stop doing SEO. Because SEO is no magic wand that can change things in a fraction of time. SEO requires lots of patience & time to see the results that you’re expecting.     


  • SEO is a dead practice – This is one of the most common blunders that you’ll see spreading all over the internet. SEO is not a dead all you need to understand is that SEO stands for search engine optimization & it involves the optimizing of your website for the search engines.

Do you think that these search engines are gonna diminish?

No, right!

Well, that proves that this is just a misconception that’s spreading. Forget it concentrate on your SEO practices & continuously update it on a regular basis (because some of the activities involved in SEO can be outdated)


  • SEO activities are all about gaining ranking in the web searches-  Yes, SEO is gonna get you good ranking in web searches but is that all that you need to focus? No, SEO is all about relevancy & good content.

Confusing? Don’t be we’ll help you with it.

Imagine you have an E-commerce website offering kids dress the website is at it’s best. You rank at the top on every possible search but you’re not earning like your competitors. Have you ever thought about the reason why this happens?

So, why exactly does this happen?

This happens only because that your keywords are not properly set according to the relevance of your business.

E.g- A person search for “best men’s clothing” & you appear the person visits your sites & see that you only offer kids dress he automatically close your website & goes for some other website.


  • The website with good content automatically ranks better-  Yes we do agree that a website with good content is a plus point but content alone will not help. You need to do SEO practices to maintain your ranking.

According to us- A good content rich website & regular SEO practices automatically result in better & stable ranking.

We’ve above listed some of the very common misconceptions about the whole SEO procedure. And, when it comes to the search for the SEO service Cochin there is a place that you need to visit & it’s us the Admonks- #1 digital marketing agency in Kochi. 


Feel free to visit Admonks we help you get the best SEO service Cochin. Always analyse the market & then select the best among them.

Your ranking depends one the partner that you chose for SEO service Cochin.

Common misconceptions on SEO procedure- AdMonks Advertising
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Common misconceptions on SEO procedure- AdMonks Advertising
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