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Getting Smart With Branding in 2020

There is no doubt in the case that a strong brand provides your business value, build trust and yes – branding is a game-changer.

AdMonks, the Market leading Branding Agency in Kochi is pointing out the best and smart branding strategies for 2020.

Before getting into the savvy ways to follow branding in 2020, let’s check what branding meant to be in this era.

Whats branding.?

The definition of branding can be defined as the process involved in developing a unique name, logo, or a specific identity for a business or product.

The process of branding is so important to ensure the awareness and credibility of particular business or product in order to create ideal customers, customer loyalty, trust, identifying product among other advantages.

Brand building takes time and involves a lot of resources. It is, however, an important marketing tool for stimulating recognition and thus differentiate your business from competitors

Now, let’s check out the popular types of Branding in practice.

  • Product Branding
  • Personal branding
  • Corporate Branding
  • Co-Branding
  • Retail Branding

Product Branding
As the name indicates – The branding of a particular product. Product branding is the most common and much easier type of branding while compared to others.
Product branding can be defined as the branding of a particular product with a symbol or design which are able to identify that product and differentiates our particular product from the competitors.

Product branding is more easily recognised from other products from anywhere because of its uniqueness of colour combination, design and logo.

Personal branding

Personal branding is so common among the influenceable personals such as politicians, celebrities, Sportsmen and modern influencers.

These people utilise Personal branding strategies to reflect a good image and also used to create a good impression and convince their followers and fans to win in their particular field.

Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding is purely based on business interests in creating and maintaining a good reputation.

The corporate brand goes across a business or organisation’s services, products, their corporate culture including social responsibilities.

Each and every action carried out as part of an organization can have a positive or negative effect on its reputation.

And so, corporate Branding should be done at great care that a wrong decision brings adverse effects.


The Co-branding is a part of branding in the association of entirely two different brands or companies with a specific product or service.

These can be in a marketing partnership between two or more brands and is very effective in building the business, increasing business and in case of breaking into a new market

Retail Branding

Retail branding is most commonly used by industry giants or big brands in specific reason to increase the interest of consumers and make product sales outpace the competition.
Retail branding is expensive but really effective in building unique brand images making the right customers choose them instead of competitors.
However, this type of branding required a lot of planning and right strategies should be adopted for ensuring its effectiveness.

Also, dont forget to  read our previous blog on branding.

Right now we can move ahead for the smart ideas for Branding in 2020

  1. Personalize your brand
  2. Use chatbots and other immersive technology
  3. Pay attention to online communities
  4. Increase brand loyalty with creative customer experiences
  5. Think about mobile-first
  6. Use Influencer marketing
  7. Go for native display advertising
  8. Create an all-encompassing marketing strategy
  9. Create valuable content
  10. Socially Responsible Branding

1. Personalize your brand

Brands require a humanized approach in 2020

In the middle of 2019, it witnessed a lot of brands changed their approach into a humanly way to their customers. Here, the main way to remember is that “Customers relate to people, not products”

If your brand won in creating a personalized way that your customers can relate the brand they are most likely to trust it.

It’s important to note that building an authentic relationship with customers rather than just trying to sell products to them.

People are always loving and are looking for a personalised experience, such as storytelling about lifestyles, adventures etc.

All this stuff works the same as an advertisement.

2. Use chatbots and other immersive technology

All types of Branding require the most advanced technology for their optimum performance.

The way a brand is interacting with their customers makes a lot of sense.

The new technologies like chatbots that are integrated with Artificial intelligence bring more interaction with customers and thus new branding trends appear on the horizon.

3. Pay attention to online communities

While Branding a business or product, one should take utmost care in online communities in Forums.

One can utilise the community by providing a platform for consumers to talk about a brand-related topic and the recognised personalities able to provide advice and tips.

Here is the major advantage that the brands to talk about their products and understand customers needs. With the right strategy, these types of communities also bring lots of positive viva-voce.

4. Increase brand loyalty with creative customer experiences

It’s important to keep in mind that customers are the king, and the brand should be loyal to them.
The creative customer experiences embedded in loyalty towards customers can be expressed from above-mentioned chatbots to creative designings of anything that people have a chance to interact with.

5. Think about mobile-first

2020 is the time where should focus more on Mobile interaction.This has already been the trend for quite some time, and those who don’t embrace will not be competitive.
The usage of specific brand apps that suits the customer’s lifestyle is more likely to increase in the year 2020. Social media branding also reaches its optimal level for promoting online business.

6. Use Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been popular for the past years and these trends are rising into new extend with more effectiveness.

Almost as much as half of the population depend on recommendations from the people that they know and from these influencers.

So many companies, especially the motorcycling, Smartphone and Food companies gathered to these influencers in the early months of 2019.

And still influencer trends are rising upward and so are expecting influencer marketing in the top one among branding trends in 2020.

7. Go for native display advertising

Display advertisements in 2019 have had a less impact while compared to other formats of rich graphically animated images of videos.

Normal Display advertisements are not enough for 2020.

8.Create an all-encompassing marketing strategy

Smart marketing strategies are required in 2020. A meaningful strategy requires in 2020 with a detailed report from all departments, such as sales, marketing, and customer service.
Proposal and suggestions should be taken into consideration to make an upcoming successful strategy.
It is important to note that hiring a professional branding agency like AdMonks, that has full potential on Digital Marketing to handle mentioned all-encompassing marketing strategy, can bring amusing results to your business.

9. Create valuable content

Always remember that the Content is the King in marketing. With the emergence of high-quality GenZ’s in the market, it is important to create valuable content to grab their attention.

Always provide content that seems to be important to them. Followers and fans always appreciate an in-depth analysis of topics that intend and educate them.

10. Socially Responsible Branding

Socially responsible branding is a major part of building a strategy. According to a study held in the past year, 87% of customers purchase from organizations who shared their cause.
People most likely to take part in the brands conducting socially responsible move in Society, like awareness of plastic disposal and the main part, brand loyalty can be increased.

And where you found the exact partner for marketing you as a Brand.?
The answer is AdMonks. The market-leading Branding Agency in Kochi, building an all-encompassing marketing strategy, recognising the requirements that one needs to rise as a brand.

AdMonks with a professional team that carryout all-in-need of branding from the very beginning stage, both in online through digital marketing and offline marketing. Get a free Quote now.

Social media marketing kochi

Ideas To Spark Your Social Media Marketing in 2020- AdMonks

Hello everyone, as we all know Admonks, one of the best social media marketing Kochi  is back to you with a brand new blog regarding the ideas to spark your social media marketing for 2020.

2020 will be the year we see consumers start to use public social media LESS, even as social media usage may continue to rise.

The Next generation of soon-to-be-adults, visual social media and apps that providing visual content reigns supreme authority over the others.

Admonks, being a leading Social media Marketing in Kochi is checking out the facts that can influence the Social media market in Kerala.

Let us go through the points- 

    • Authentic influencer marketing
    • Next-level visual contents
    • Expansion of Live streaming
    • Social media will return to its Rroots
    • Generation Z Is here
    • Brands will need to define social media maturity
    • Brands need a human voice
    • The use of messaging apps Continue to rise

In 2020, people are going all-in-one to use social media as from entertainment to communication, business to customers and business to business platforms.

Let’s go through the facts in brief,

  • Authentic influencer marketing

Influencer marketing provides a trustworthy way of marketing. And also it implements lots of exposure to a particular brand.

Since Influencer marketers are using social media platforms the same while these social media platforms consider these type of marketing brings losses to them due to brands refused to use their paid ad systems. 

Instagram is rolling out the update for removal of like, and they said the logic behind it is that “likes determine a person’s social value and waiting for such validation is detrimental to people’s mental health” 

There are a lot of tech personalities who outright reject the reason and believe that Instagram wants to perform this move to earn more.

  • Next-level visual contents- 
    • Video platforms will continue to be trendy in 2020

With the new circumstances in the Indian market providing cheap and quality internet services, also with the widely growing smartphone market made visual or video platforms to grow high.

2020 will be an essential part to market through video content providers through mobile applications such as Youtube, Tik-Tok, Netflix, Hotstar etc.

Marketing through these platforms can be new trends.

    • Rise of augmented reality (AR)

With quality internet services and advanced technology provided by Smartphone providers lead to the use of Augmented Reality in people.

A lot of people are utilising this benefit in watching and playing games on their smartphones Augmented Reality gadgets.

  • Expansion of live streaming 

With the availability of high-speed data transfer in India, social media users are more prominently interested in Live Content than pre-recorded videos. 

According to recent research, about 56% of social media users are most likely to watch a live video rather than a video. So, live streaming should be utilised for brand promotion and engagement

While the industry is constantly changing, the core value and responsibility of broadcasting remains the same—to educate and inform viewers. 

  • Social media will return to its Roots

 The Past three years were social media reduced the organic reachings for Business activities inside social media; intentionally done by these social media giants just to increase their profit through paid promotions and ads. This leads to serious reputation issues on users and so Social Media will return to its roots of organic reaches on quality and rich contents.

  • Generation Z Is Here

2020 will be an era of this Generation Z in Kerala.

Soon-to-be-adults of Generation X are also here.  

Both these people with a quality education are going to dominate in the following years.

The social media usage will attain some sort of Social maturity and so brands Should need Humanly and matured approaches. 

  • Brands Will Need to Define Social Media Maturity

Defining Social Media maturity is nothing but using Social Media for Customer Service and Customer Support – Humanly.

A lot of brands have already recognised social media networks as platforms for delivering customer service.

  • Brands Need a Human Voice

Your brands definitely need a human approach for your customer’s queries, comments, feedback etc.

Also due to too many messages and decisions to make each day for your brand, it’s easy to lose track of your voice and what makes your audience love you in.

Going back to basics and being human in your posts not only can make your audience happy but also can make your decisions on publishing that much easier.

  • The Use of Messaging Apps Continues to rise

The use of messaging apps will continue to rise in 2020 too.

This can be WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram Messenger and more.

The apps come with a bunch of new opportunities such as facebook owned WhatsApp will deliver ads in them in 2020.

Implementing ads on WhatsApp can be assumed in 2020 because of the billions of active monthly users, making WhatsApp a burden to Facebook. 

And, here is AdMonks assisting you with the latest trends in social media marketing, Kochi.

AdMonks with Google and Facebook certified professionals convey the best social media marketing strategies that suit your business.

Epic Formulas To win With Digital Marketing - Admonks

Epic Formulas To win With Digital Marketing

Hi everyone, Admonks- one of the leading digital marketing agency in Kerala is back with yet another blog regarding the stimulating chances in the world of digital marketing.

First of all, everyone is quite concerned about this digital environment that we are going through. 

Somebody who owns a venture, it is the best time to upgrade their business through digital marketing and advancing it into the next level.

Let’s go little behind the history of digital marketing that started in the early 1990s and standing at its optimal age of evolution.

According to the report by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), India with 451 Million monthly active internet users until this last financial year, is standing second just after China.

India, the second-highest number of Internet users after China, Here it is the best time to begin or improve your marketing into the digital system and make utilise the initial benefits through a highly professional Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala before-mentioned Admonks.

Getting into the field of digital marketing is not a simple task. Certain market studies attached to the digital marketing strategies should be done by a professional digital marketing agency like Admonks.

Similarly, from the base, if you are owning a Small business or an enormous, it’s important to be present in the online world.

That online presence can be in the form of Social media, Website, blog or via influencer marketing that make our customers engaged with us and hence composing them as an ideal customer.

Let us  Check out the hilites and salient features of Digital marketing those are highly practicable in the Situation of Kerala.

  • A most powerful form of marketing 
  • Extremely penetrative capability
  • Your Customers Are Online
  • Your Competitors Are Online
  • The cost-effective way to market your business.
  • The most measurable form of marketing. 
  • Target the Exact Consumers
  • Accessible to Your Customers
  • Let Customers Come to You 


Furthermore, let us go through these most noteworthy salient features.

1. A most powerful form of marketing 

Online marketing is so powerful and high dominant to transform to get a highly remarkable increase in the business of many companies in Admonks and thereby we recommend all Small Scale and Huge business to come to the path of Digital marketing.


2. Extremely penetrative capability

With the right strategies and effective implementation into the right customers, small businesses can increase their reach, conversions and engagements almost in quite a focus of months.

Digital marketing is so powerful and extremely penetrative. Why.? 

Because our customers are personally sitting behind these smart online equipment and we are marketing our target customers each and everyone spending their private time in Social media. This makes the strategy work more with individual people. 

3. Your Customers Are Online

All your right customers and potential customers are currently spending and engaging in many online platforms including  Social media. The business stands are that they are consequently looking for a business like yours in the online world and therefore if they can’t find you easily, they are probably going to choose someone else, that can be your competitor may be.

4. Your Competitors Are Online 

  • Your competitors are already active on all online platforms and are conquering more and more customers. 
  • They are utilising social media by adding well-optimised content and through they are converting their audience into customers and customers into ideal ones. 
  • As a result, the base of business become stronger, branding has become so easy, increase in mouth publicity and radically change into a huge Brand that the people can’t resist.
  • Admonks, the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala is providing all theses strategies for small scale business to multinational corporations for the past 19 years, without any discrimination.


5. The cost-effective way to market your business.

Digital marketing is such a cost-efficient than other methods of marketing. We can market, brand or sell our product through digital marketing.

Rather than other formats of marketing, through digital marketing, we can target our exact customers for marketing our products such as people who are going to purchase it or likely to buy it, market it just in front of them compelling them to buy it.

6. The most measurable form of marketing.

The traditional form of marketing has a  big drawback – those are not measurable. It is much more difficult to track the exact success of a traditional marketing campaign such as 

  • Television Advertisement
  • Radio Advertisement
  • Newspaper Advertisement
  • Wall posts etc.

While in Digital marketing, similarly for the reason that all the tactics and strategies used in Digital marketing are clearly measurable. Through this measurement as analytical results, we can learn more about the right customers and what they love the most.

7. Target the Exact Consumers

In Digital marketing we can ensure that our right consumers are following your contents that we have placed at the online world. 

Search Engine Optimisation allows you to reach those consumers who are searching the web for content and topics that are relevant to your business.

While in google pay-per-click, display and social media advertising enable you to target those people who are likely to be interested in your products or services based on demographic information and general characteristics identified by these internet giants like Google and Facebook.

8. Accessible to Your Customers

In this current situation, the first place an average consumer search for what they want is online. 

Whatever the product may be, they might take the phone and most probably google it. And being absent in the google search results, your business isn’t complete.

When someone searches online for the exact product that you deliver better than your competitors, but you haven’t seen at the search queries but your competitor had, you lost single business and your competitor had won an ideal customer that they need.

9. Let Customers Come to You

If you have an excellent web presence, your business is open for business even when the physical type is closed. Moreover, these things work as an office or shop 24/7, all year.

With this web presence, we are making them convenience, customers and prospects can send you emails with questions, make purchases and browse through your inventory.

Likewise, we talked just above – your business should be optimised to rank on the first;  on both search engines and social media.

Well, we think you got an idea about the importance of upgrading your business in web presence, later optimising them, and query about who is the best to make strategies for your growth?

Here is the Beast for you –  Admonks. The leading branding, online consultation and digital marketing agency in Kerala is hither for you implementing the most modern and advanced online marketing tactics that make your business upgrade into the next level.

social media marketing kerala

Social Media Marketing and it’s positive impacts on business- AdMonks

More than 75% of total internet users are using social media. So investing in social media marketing is always shows success in cost-benefit analysis. Getting in touch with an organization who do social media marketing in Kerala will be the primary step for this.

Have you ever thought why social media sites always get a boom and a clear upper hand over other websites?

There are some notable features you can see if you consider a comparison between social media sites and normal websites.

There are some unique features that make social media more popular-

(Listed below the some of the points to understand the same)

1. Cost: there are almost no barriers to entry, to create or to distribute social media content.

2. Intimacy: traditional media require transmission to thousands or millions of people.

3. Orientation: A key advantage of social networks is that it can be much more specific in terms of isolating exactly who wants to talk to that brand or product.

4. Participatory: as soon as the barriers to content creation in social media are zero, consumers quickly entered this space and begin to participate socially.

However, without involving in the deep work from an agency who do social media marketing in Kerala in this particular domain, it is very difficult to survive in this competitive business environment.

Let’s see how social media marketing helps in business- 

1. It will increase your brand awareness- Social networks are one of the most profitable digital marketing methods used to syndicate content and increase the visibility of your business.

The implementation of a social media strategy will greatly increase the recognition of your brand, as it will get involved with a wide audience of consumers.

2. More incoming traffic- Without marketing your business on social networks, your incoming traffic is limited to your regular customers.

People familiar with your brand are likely to be looking for the same keywords for which you are already classified.

Without using social networks as part of your marketing strategy, you will have much more difficulty communicating with someone outside your circle of loyal customers.

3. Improved search engine ranking- While posting on social networks can generate some traffic in your business, more effort is required to achieve significant success.

Search engine optimization is very important to achieve a higher page ranking and get traffic to your company’s website.

4. Higher conversion rates- With greater visibility, your business gets more conversion opportunities.

Each blog post, image, video or comment can take viewers to your company’s website and increase traffic.

Social media marketing allows your business to make a positive impression through a humanization factor.

When brands are interactive when sharing content, commenting and posting statuses on social networks, it embodies a brand.

5. Better customer satisfaction- Social networks are a network and communication platform. Creating a voice for your company through these platforms is important to humanize your company.

Customers appreciate knowing that when they post comments on their pages, they will receive a personalized response instead of an automated message.

Being able to recognize each comment shows that you are attentive to the needs of your visitors and your goal is to provide the best experience.

6. Improved brand loyalty- One of the main objectives of almost all companies is to develop a loyal customer base. Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty generally go together which is important to regularly engage with consumers and begin to develop a bond with them.

Social networks are not limited only to presenting the products and promotional campaigns of your brand. Customers see these platforms as a service channel where they can communicate directly with the company.

7. More brand authority- Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty play an important role in taking your business to the next level, but it all comes down to communication.

When consumers see your company posting on social media, especially responding to customers and posting original content, it makes it seem more credible.

Regular interaction with customers shows that your company cares about customer satisfaction and you are available to answer all their queries.

8. Profitable- Social media marketing is possibly the most profitable part of an advertising strategy.

Registering and creating a profile is free for almost all social media platforms, and any paid promotion in which you decide to invest in a relatively low cost compared to other marketing tactics.

Being profitable is a great advantage because you can see a greater return on investment and retain a larger budget for other commercial and marketing expenses.

Before getting too late it is highly recommended to be with us.
We are Ad-Monks who is a leading agency for social media marketing in Kerala. For more details, visit our website now!!

AdMonks- digital marketing agency

Things you should keep in mind when stringing along with a digital marketing agency- AdMonks Advertising

In the previous blog, we discussed the trends of digital marketing. So here we are looking forward to joining hands with the agency who provides the best digital marketing support for your business and things to keep in mind before choosing.

Also, we will discuss the set of qualities a digital marketing agency required and a set of criteria which we should go through. We know digital marketing is the latest way of endorsing a product or service in a comparatively less cost than visual or print media and  It has become an integral part in every business which has direct contact with customers.

The major advantage of digital marketing is that it will help you reach among people very easily regardless of your business whether it is small or large. The customer targeting is another advantage of digital marketing so that only the targeted customers will see about the product which helps in saving time and money where it is difficult to find targeted customers in visual or print media. AdMonks Advertising is the answer for your long term search to get the best digital marketing agency in Kerala. 

Let us dive to get a brief about AdMonks Advertising- digital marketing agency in Kerala. 

AdMonks- digital marketing agency in Kochi is a sister company of Meridian Solutions INC, a well known digital marketing agency in Kerala, located exactly at- 

Bhagheeratha Residency, Banerji Road, Kacheripady headquartered in Dubai called AdMonks Advertising LLC UAE working on this domain for many years.

AdMonks Advertising is taking digital marketing projects as challenges to take them into the best position. For that setting, a goal is very important. Before starting a month, we will set the position and right after completing each month, we will monitor the position and make sure that goal is achieved successfully. 

Things you should keep in mind while choosing a digital marketing agency

  • Make sure that you are choosing a reputed agency and not a freelancer
    • For larger and more complicated projects, the agency like AdMonks Advertising will provide the most comprehensive solution. Through agencies, you will always get the service from specialists. So can take care of your project and give you the feedback in regular intervals after expert monitoring of what works and what does not work before the deadline. 
  • Aware of the issues that you are facing.
    • Before thinking about giving a digital marketing campaign to an agency, it is highly recommended that make sure you know what problem you want to solve. Then have regular monitoring on your issues and whether the agency solving it or not.   
  • Listen from your business contacts and clients from the agencies which are there in your shortlist  
    • To find a potential agency, the first thing you should do is to make a proper shortlist of agencies you take from your resources. then ask your friends in your business contact or client who joined hands with the agency which is there in your list. We can proudly say that you only get the best possible feedback on AdMonks Advertising if you ask our clients, and this confidence in our work makes us the best digital marketing agency in Kerala.
  •  Meet them directly in their office 
    • At this stage, you should probably have reduced the agencies to two or three options

If they visit your office, the agency will send their best people. They will give you a good impression of themselves, but not necessarily of the full service, you can expect from the agency. If you visit the agency office, you will have an idea of ​​the methodology of what they are following. 

  •  Ask yourself what makes them unique and what they can do which your team unable to do 
    • This is a great consideration if you want to make the most of your investment. Do not hire an agency to do something that you or your team can do. Achieving targets is very important in this process. So you can monitor them at any time about their accomplishment of targets what you are giving. AdMonks Advertising is the agency who is upfront in this case. The team of skilled professionals, with their non-replaceable hard work, commitment and dedication to achieve the targets is a quality which not many will have.   

How we achieve targets with ease and why you should choose AdMonks Advertising?

AdMonks Advertising is the best options for your digital marketing campaigns because we have certain ways for a campaign which brings better results in a short time span. Let us see why we are stand out among digital marketing agencies in Kerala. We truly believe that there are certain steps we follow acts as fuel for our performance so far. They are follows

  • Research: Through this step, we learn what the customers want and how they interact with the agency. By understanding the market and knowing about their rivals, the ratio of success is very high without giving much effort. 
  • Planning: To do everything we must have a master plan. The Digital marketing campaign also not different. Align research with business objectives and capabilities will attract potential customers to paying and trusted customers through proper planning. 
  • Implementation: Implementing the plan is equally important as Identifying and creating the best content for the process. Because perfect implementation will offer the advantage of conveying the message with low risk.
  • Measuring and Optimizing: After the implementation of the campaign, it is necessary to monitor its status and measure whether it was successful or not and if the success is still away, optimize the works and redefine strategies that increase input-output productivity.

We are welcoming you all to experience the potential what we have in the sector of digital marketing by joining with AdMonks Advertising.

For more details, visit our website now. 

digital marketing trends

Let’s explore more about digital marketing trends in 2019- AdMonks

AdMonks is back with a new topic that involves the latest trends involved digital marketing for the year 2019.

In our previous read, we’ve posted about latest trends involved in SMM 2019. We hope that you’ve gone through the post. 

So, let’s get started with our new topic on- Latest trends in digital marketing!

voice search

  • Voice Search- As voice recognition technology gets more advanced, we can expect that more and more people will utilize the voice search feature on their smartphones in 2019. 

Voice is likely to replace the text-based search done by the users in the near future, voice search presents an opportunity for marketers to further expand their existing market.

video marketing

  • Video Marketing- It is one of the fastest-growing strategies today, and shows no signs of slowing down in the short term. Cisco claims that 82% of Internet traffic will be done through video by 2021. In fact, today even a small businesses firm with limited resources are also taking advantage of this strategy.

According to Cisco, 82% of Internet traffic will be done through video by 2021, although you won’t have to wait so long to take advantage of the full potential of this platform to grow your business. In fact, even small businesses with limited resources are also taking advantage of this trend. 

Programmatic Advertising

  • Programmatic Advertising- This has gained much traction in the previous year and is likely to continue to gain popularity in 2019. In fact, a recent eMarketer report estimates that 83.6% of US digital ad dollars.

They will carry out transactions programmatically for 2019. Programmatic advertising should be utilized with precaution, especially that new, more stringent data protection regulations such as the GDPR are now in place.

As such, those companies that are planning to invest in this strategy are likely to consult an outside counsel to ensure they will be able to use it without breaching any regulations.

AI vs Customers

  • Artificial Intelligence In Audience Targeting- In order to reach the right audience effectively, detailed customer profiling is warranted. To achieve such a feat, more and more companies are tapping the power of cutting-edge, AI-powered platforms in their customer profiling efforts.

According to a study by Blueshift, 43% of marketers are using AI for audience expansion, and 39% are using it for audience targeting. With AI, marketers can better understand who their target audience is, so they can use the right strategies and execute the right actions that will ensure a higher engagement rate for their campaigns.

visual search

  • Visual Search- As the consumer’s desire for speed and ease when obtaining information online rises, the number of businesses that plans to leverage visual search also increases. In fact, a MarketsandMarkets report states that the image recognition market will grow to $25.65 billion by 2019.

With visual search, people can now find a review of the product they found on the local store, identify the species of trees are nearby or find a similar restaurant in the area, all simply by adding or taking a photo of the object on the spot.

facebook usage

  • Facebook Popularity Decline- Despite being the number 1 social media marketing platform today, Facebook has seen a declining use among all age groups, except the elderly (group 55 years or older) in 2018.

This will continue in 2019, as Pew Research revealed that many people had changed the way they interact with the social media platform. According to a new Pew Research Center survey, 42% say they have taken a break from checking the platform for a period of several weeks or more, while 26% people deleted the Facebook app from their cell phone and some 74% of Facebook users say they have taken at least one of these three actions in the past year.

The above listed are few of the digital marketing trends that can help you get a cutting edge over your competitors. But knowing these trends alone will not help you you need help from a professional digital marketing agency in Kerala.

So, which is the best digital marketing agency in Kerala?

admonks logo


AdMonks Advertising is one of the leading digital marketing agency offering the prime digital marketing services like-

  • SEO
  • SMM
  • SEM, etc..

We have marked our own unique position in the various fields including branding, Advertising, and digital platforms as well. It is not at all an easy task to be the best among other competitors in the same field. The feedback we’ve received from our clients is the triggering factor for our growth.

See for yourself what we AdMonks is!

Visit us to know more about us-

AdMonks Advertising
4th Floor, Bhagheeratha Residency,
Banerji Road, Kacheripady
Kerala 682018

Contact us-
PH: +91 484 239 7777

SMM trends in 2019

Latest Trends Involved in SMM 2019- AdMonks Advertising

AdMonks Advertising stands unique among the companies offering social media marketing Kochi. We, aim in not only delivering the best social media marketing Kochi but also to educate everyone about all the latest digital marketing trends involved in SEO, SMM, SEM, etc. 

So, let’s get started with a new topic.  

Hello guys, hope you all are doing great in your lives today. In this read, we’ll help you to know the 5 latest trends involved in social media marketing (SMM). We’ve previously posted a blog on the latest trends in SEO. 

Hope you all have read it. If you haven’t got time to read it. Then you can read it here- 

Latest & updated SEO trends to follow in 2019 – AdMonks Advertising

Let’s get started with our new topic- latest trends involved in social media marketing (SMM)

We all know what is SMM & the role it playing in uplifting your business. If you’re unaware or need additional information on SMM then we have a read that will help you understand more on SMM in depth. Click here to know more.

Now, about our topic- 5 Latest trends involved in SMM-

live video

  • The Live video continues to flourish-  The trend of live video is dominant from 2017 but how many of you know the influence of it in the customers or people around you. 

Well, here is a stat to help you understand the same. 

According to recent research conducted it’s noticed that 80% of audiences prefer watching live video. And, 82% of consumers prefer watching live videos on social media posts over the text. 

When it comes to living video streaming Facebook leads since 2018. During 2017 only 31% of business people were using the scope of the live video but the time has changed today the number is far more than before. 


  • Chatbots-  The internet chatbots have been here for a long time. But how many of you know that the chatbots are now integrated with social media platforms.  Yes, today businesses are using chatbots to communicate with their customers or clients. 

How do chatbots work?

At first, the user sends the word phrases then the chatbots recognize it and they send automatic responses based on how they are programmed.

According to a recent study, it’s said that nearly 80% of marketing executives have used or are planning to use it by 2020. 

influencer marketing

  • Influencer marketing- What exactly is a micro influencer?

Influencer marketing refers to the people on social media channels having a strong fan base & following but doesn’t possess any celebrity value. 

According to stats, there is around 60% higher engagement in such kind of marketing than marketing through celebrities.  In nearly 50% of the cases, you don’t have to spend any amount on influencer marketing. 

social media networks

  • Small business taking advantage of social media- Today, the influence of social

media is taking over at a great pace. Times are changing, unlike the old times today even the small business owners are also into social media previously the social media was a waste of time or was considered as useless. 

How many of you know that nearly 52% of the small business people post on social media on a regular basis. 

Today, Facebook is the most popular form of social media marketing. If you’re not into social media then it’s a great move to become active on social media platforms.

face filters

  • Augmented reality (AR)- The introduction of AR in today world is affecting each &

every field & so as on social media platforms. The best example of AR influencing in our daily life is Pokemon GO. 

And, to understand the influence of AR in social media the best & the ideal e.g is the face filters that you see on Facebook, Instagram, etc..

The above listed are some of the latest trends that you should consider. This is not all there are more trends than the above listed. We’ll be posting more posts on the same in the coming days. Keep reading our reads. 


If you need a helping hand with SMM services in Kochi or are looking for a company offering social media marketing Kochi. Then we’re here to help you. 

Come join hands with the best SMM company In Kochi- AdMonks Advertising.

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best seo service in kerala

Latest & updated SEO trends to follow in 2019 – AdMonks Advertising

Hello folks, today in this read we aim to help you in improving your SEO service. We, AdMonks Advertising are the leaders in providing the best SEO service Cochin. We’ll help you with some of the latest trends in SEO that you need to follow to get better SEO results.

Hope, this read proves in helping you to get better results for your SEO projects or works that you’re dealing with.

And, if you’re new to the whole SEO you can start with our previous read on SEO-

Latest & updated SEO Trends For 2019

  • The domination of Voice search is vital- According to some of the recent studies & research, it’s estimated by next year i.e by 2020 nearly 50% of the online queries are gonna be generated by voice.
    • The reason why this is possible is that for most of us the voice feels handier & easily accessible when compared to the traditional way of searching. 
        • Supporting the above statement -The usage of smartphones are increasing day after day & so it ultimately results in creating a search using voice.

voice search

Here are some tips to improve voice search optimization-

    • Ensure that the website loads up fast (speed plays a vital role so always ensure that your website is having a good PageSpeed)
    • Write everything the way we speak- Content should be optimized for voice search by including long-tail keywords (keywords that sound normal & is used by users). When optimizing content always think keywords from your perspective i.e create keywords that you use when using voice search.   

                        Let’s take an example to understand this.

      • E.g- if you’re searching for SEO service Cochin you may search like this in Google- Best SEO service Cochin. But in Voice it’s simply different there is a chance that you’ll search like this- “ which is the best company offering SEO service Cochin “
    • Create featured snippets & blocks when creating contents- Featured snippet is a practice that we use when doing SEO for a project. You can read more about the creation of featured snippets here When it comes to usage of blocks we mean the usage of H1, H2 tags to separate the contents. You can read more about the creation of featured snippets here when it comes to usage of blocks we mean the usage of H1, H2 tags to separate the contents.
    • Concentrate more on local searches- Nearly 22% of the queries are location-based so consider using phrases like “near me” in the keywords.  For example- “SEO service near me”


  • Mobile-First Indexing- Most of the people use their smartphones for visiting websites over laptops or desktops. So the web design in your mobile is more important than that of desktops or laptops.

mobile first indexing

  • Development of quality content- We all know that in SEO the “content is the king” & if you have a website with good user-friendly & rich content your website automatically tends to generate more traffic & ranks at the top in the web searches. A website with good content is automatically liked by users & the rest automatically falls at its right place.

content is the king

  • Artificial intelligence- The growth of AI have been tremendous & earth-shattering the implementation of AI have already been started in search engines like- Google, Bing, etc & the main benefit of AI implementation in a search engine are-
    • According to the users(34% of people) says with AI they will receive rich & personalized search experience.
    • Eliminates all kinds of Black Hat SEO tricks & techniques

artificial intelligence-

So, always go, for regular authentic & SEO methods & practices.


  • Influencer marketing- Say for example- you own a business that has a potentially great competition both globally & locally but with influencer marketing, you can influence the people by the means of social media & thereby improve your brand value & gain trust among the customers. Influencer marketing is the hybrid way of marketing combing both traditional & modern.

The above listed are some of the new trends in SEO that can help you to get better SEO results in 2019. We will be posting more on the same as we discover more about the new trends in SEO.

influencer marketing

And, if you’re looking for a helping hand with the SEO service Cochin. AdMonks Advertising is here to help you.

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Understanding the duties of a digital marketing executive- AdMonks

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing fine. Here we are with a new read on a fresh & trending topic i.e the duties of a digital marketing executive. And, by the end of this read, we’ll assist you to know more about AdMonks Advertising- Digital marketing agency in Kochi.

So, let’s begin with our topic!

Firstly let’s understand who is a digital marketing executive.

A digital marketing executive is a person who is responsible for looking & planning all kinds of online marketing strategies for his/her firm. A digital marketing executive plans and executes marketing campaigns and maintain and supply content on regular intervals for the websites.

Now, let’s get to know the responsibilities & qualities that a digital marketing strategist should possess-

  • Developing & managing all kinds of marketing campaigns(digital).
  • Responsible for the management of an organization’s website.
  • Optimizing the content of websites & also other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Tracking the website traffic flow.  
  • Providing regular internal reports.
  • Fixing errors in online contents.
  • Arranging webinars & webcasts for better & efficient user engagement.
  • Identifying & implementing the new digital marketing trends thereby ensuring that your brand/company is at the front among the competitors.
  • Efficient with the SEO process of the website pages.
  • Editing & posting contents, videos, podcasts, and audio content on online sites.
  • Promotion of products or services in the online platforms.

Now, you’ll have an idea about the responsibilities/qualities that a digital marketing strategist should possess.

But, where can you find the most productive & responsible digital marketing strategist in Kochi?

We are very much proud & 100% confident that you’ll get the best at one place.

admonks logo

AdMonks Advertising – the digital marketing agency in Kochi.

Yes, we AdMonks Advertising can help you with all your digital marketing related concerns.

Wondering, why we said that?

AdMonks Advertising is a digital marketing agency in Kochi that came into existence 17 years ago & has been serving our clients for all those years.

At present we’re working over 3000+ projects from all around the world. We’re spread over 7+ locations.

Our highlights-

  1. The best set of digital marketing analyst in Kochi.
  2. Learning & discovering all the new trends in digital marketing.
  3. 100% client satisfaction.
  4. Strong administrative team.
  5. No discrimination among the clients (we treat all our clients equally irrespective of their financial or their brand value in the market ).


If you still have double thoughts about us then here are the works that we’ve proved our efficiency in – Click here.

Have faith in digital marketing & trust AdMonks. You’ll be on top among others with our digital marketing services.

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Let’s discuss about common misconceptions on SEO procedure- Admonks

We’ve been getting immense support for our reads & many of our readers are requesting to do more blog on our SEO services Cochi, branding services, etc.

A blog on branding has recently been published., We hope that you’ve read that blog if not you can read it here.

And, so in this read, we’ll discuss SEO. A few months back we’ve posted a read on SEO & the services that we deliver as a company with the best SEO service Cochin. You can read more about it here.

Wondering? what’re we gonna say about SEO in this read. Well, don’t worry in this read we’ll share some common misconceptions that people have about the SEO procedure.

Let’s get started with our topic-

seo service cochin misconceptions & facts

The common misconception on SEO procedure in 2019-


  • The whole SEO process is a one time process-  SEO is not a one day or one time process the whole SEO process is a slow & time-consuming process.

To understand this let’s take 2 scenarios (in both of these scenarios you need to imagine yourself as a person involved with SEO activities) –

  1. In the 1st case, imagine you’ve done SEO for a month & you’ve got tremendous results & you stopped the SEO for that website.
  2. The 2nd case is that you did SEO for over a month or for a couple of months and you don’t see any changes & so you stopped doing SEO thinking it’s of no use.

Summing up both scenarios –

  1. The 1st case you got the results great but please don’t stop doing SEO because you need to back up your SEO activities on a regular basis to maintain your ranking. So break the concept that SEO is a one time process. No, it’s Not!.
  2. In the 2nd case, we understand that you’ve put in your 100 % but see no results. It’s okay that you didn’t see any changes. But please don’t stop doing SEO. Because SEO is no magic wand that can change things in a fraction of time. SEO requires lots of patience & time to see the results that you’re expecting.     


  • SEO is a dead practice – This is one of the most common blunders that you’ll see spreading all over the internet. SEO is not a dead all you need to understand is that SEO stands for search engine optimization & it involves the optimizing of your website for the search engines.

Do you think that these search engines are gonna diminish?

No, right!

Well, that proves that this is just a misconception that’s spreading. Forget it concentrate on your SEO practices & continuously update it on a regular basis (because some of the activities involved in SEO can be outdated)


  • SEO activities are all about gaining ranking in the web searches-  Yes, SEO is gonna get you good ranking in web searches but is that all that you need to focus? No, SEO is all about relevancy & good content.

Confusing? Don’t be we’ll help you with it.

Imagine you have an E-commerce website offering kids dress the website is at it’s best. You rank at the top on every possible search but you’re not earning like your competitors. Have you ever thought about the reason why this happens?

So, why exactly does this happen?

This happens only because that your keywords are not properly set according to the relevance of your business.

E.g- A person search for “best men’s clothing” & you appear the person visits your sites & see that you only offer kids dress he automatically close your website & goes for some other website.


  • The website with good content automatically ranks better-  Yes we do agree that a website with good content is a plus point but content alone will not help. You need to do SEO practices to maintain your ranking.

According to us- A good content rich website & regular SEO practices automatically result in better & stable ranking.

We’ve above listed some of the very common misconceptions about the whole SEO procedure. And, when it comes to the search for the SEO service Cochin there is a place that you need to visit & it’s us the Admonks- #1 digital marketing agency in Kochi. 


Feel free to visit Admonks we help you get the best SEO service Cochin. Always analyse the market & then select the best among them.

Your ranking depends one the partner that you chose for SEO service Cochin.